January 8, 2024

Episode 7: Tim Emmett – Which does Tim Emmett find scariest: base jumping or sport climbing?

Hazel Findlay

In this episode Hazel speak with climber, ex-base jumper and all round adventurer Tim Emmett. They talk about Tim's relationship with all the risky activities he gets up to and what attracts him to sports with consequences. They talk about the extra risks in base jumping and how he has justified those risks. Tim talks about being ready to walk away and focusing on controlling every controllable. They then spend the final portion of the podcast focusing on Tim's recent process trying to climb his hardest sport route which he hasn't yet done. Tim has been sharing all parts of his journey  on social media which has been really positive but it has also added external pressure to his goal. He talks about how he's managed that and how he's tried to stay positive despite having not done the route.




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