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Learn how to train your mind

We provide online coaching, workshops, free resources and a Slack community to those looking to train their mind for climbing.
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Learn how to train your mind

We provide online coaching, workshops, free resources and a Slack community to those looking to train their mind for climbing.

Our vision is to empower you with the tools and practices so you can get the most out of your sport.

Fear holds people back in climbing more than finger strength! But how much energy do you put into training your mind?  

We have so many resources for physical training in climbing yet most of us know that this is only part of the story when it comes to climbing your best. So often, it’s our minds that let us down. It could be fear of falling, fear of failure, performance anxiety or fear of what others think.

Learn how to manage your fears, adopt an optimal mindset for performance and enjoy climbing more than ever.

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Free Taster Course

Would you be a stronger and a happier climber if you paid more attention to your psychology? This taster course is a great way to start your journey in mental training, for free. There are lessons in some of the fundamentals of mental training and sample lessons from the Strong Mind Course.

This course is free and open to absolutely everyone. You will also learn what to expect from our comprehensive course in fear management for climbing, the Strong Mind Course.

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Strong Mind Course

What would it be like to climb without fear holding you back?

This course in fear management includes everything you need to know about how to manage fear in lead, top-rope and bouldering. It covers fear of falling, heights and exposure, social fears, fear of failure and performance anxiety. The course also covers the fundamentals of mental training, including mindset, self-awareness, as well as tools to use in the moment to manage fear and distraction. If you are looking for a specific course on fear of falling please see our information about Flight School.

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One-to-one Coaching

Some people benefit from one-to-one support in order to work on deeper and more individual issues. One-to-one conversational coaching is helpful for people who feel stuck in rigid and unhelpful patterns, have a difficult relationship with climbing or notice that the mind is their biggest limitation. One-to-one coaching might also be necessary to discover what is holding you back in your climbing or preventing you from enjoying climbing as much as you could. One-to-one coaching is also important for professional and elite athletes to help them optimise their performance.

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Workshops are a great way to learn some of the more practical skills necessary to build a strong mind for climbing, such as fall practice and learning to trust trad gear. Workshops are a great opportunity to work with the coaches and instructors at Strong Mind in person and meet like-minded climbers. Angus and Hazel run several workshops throughout the year, keep a look out on social media or join our newsletter to stay in the loop.

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I know I'll be returning to the content and still finding some new gems in it going forward. I've already seen how engaging different mind tools, habits, and deliberate fall practice has made the parts of climbing that were feeling intimidating or fear-producing fun again

Strong Mind Student, June 2022
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Thanks for such an amazing and life-changing course Hazel and Angus. My approach to climbing feels so different now that I am focusing on the journey of climbing with my growth mindset and learning more about myself every day. I appreciated that you have given us a wide variety of tools and methods to become more self-aware climbers that continue to learn how to get the challenge right in all aspects of the sport. A big thumbs up to your idea of growing community around the course and mental training by adding students once they have completed the course. Thanks for all your work making this a great experience.

Steven Lee, Mailchimp Inc
San Francisco
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A team of experienced mentors, coaches and climbers working together to help you take control of your mind and reach your potential.

Free Taster Course

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