January 25, 2024

Performance Hacks - FAQS

Hazel Findlay

We've also laid out in this article some of the common questions we've received about the course so far but the best way to learn about Performance Psychology and the course is through this free training webinar

Why Performance?

If you talk to any dedicated climber about what’s important to them in climbing, you’ll usually hear them describe performance in one way or another; you might even hear them say that climbing well or climbing focussed is more important than climbing hard. The course is also centred around the experiences we have as climbers and how to get more out of the sport.

Is this course designed for advanced climbers only?

No – this course is for anyone interested in finding focus (or flow) in climbing. This doesn’t mean it’s exclusively for ‘high-level’ climbers – it’s for climbers who enjoy performing at whatever grade they climb.

What will be covered in the course?

The course has more than 40 lessons on how to leverage our psychology in climbing. Chapters include: foundations of performance psychology, barriers and gateways to performance, tools to focus in the moment, essential mindset shifts and bringing the learning together for your performance. Lessons are in video format with supporting text to consolidate content; there are also PDF downloads and reflective questions to support your learning. 

Can I apply this knowledge to other areas of my life?

Absolutely. For us, one of the real benefits of mental training is how relevant it is to broader life. Although the course focuses on climbing, the content is very much applicable to other sports and other areas of life – this could be your motivations for work, adjusting your mindset for other projects, how you focus when playing an instrument, setting goals for your year ahead or how you build confidence.

Do you guarantee that I will see results?

This course has to be put into practice. Just as a physical training plan won’t yield results if you don’t put the work in, mental training needs to be practised too. We have worked with hundreds (if not thousands) of climbers over the years, with an evidence-based approach to mental training. We can guarantee that if you put the work in and apply the learning, you will see results.

Chapter Overview

What state are you in when you climb?

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