What would climbing be like for you if you were not afraid to fall?

Flight School registration is closed until January 2025 but the Strong Mind course is launching again in June 2024.


Build a strong mind for climbing

Flight School

What would it be like to climb without fear of falling holding you back?

Fear of falling is so prevalent in the climbing community that many just accept it as how things ought to be. Or they become masters at avoiding falling, by climbing in an avoidant way that stifles their progress and re-enforces their fear.

Flight School is our course focused specifically on fear of falling, injury, heights and exposure. It includes everything you need to know about how to manage fear of falling and establish an efficient (and, dare we to say, fun!) fall practice in lead, top-rope, bouldering and trad climbing. It covers the science of fear and stress, where people commonly go wrong with fall practice, teaches you effective fall practice and empowers you start and maintain the process of getting comfortable with falling. The course also covers the fundamentals of mental training, including mindset, self-awareness, as well as tools to use in the moment to manage fear and distraction.

We are opening Flight School again in January 2025. If you'd like to work with us sooner, we will open doors to the Strong Mind course (our most comprehensive course on fear management, including fear of falling) in June 2024!

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No prior knowledge needed

The course is appropriate for someone with no prior knowledge of mental training, fear or psychology.

Evidence-based theory and practice

The course delivers enough theory so you understand why the practices work but also has a strong emphasis on application through the many homework tasks.

3 years access

You can do the course at your own pace and you get access to the course material for at least 3 years.

Community and coach support

Get free access to a private student area of our community where you can chat with fellow students, join our Q&As and ask our coaches questions.

Transferable lifelong skills

The tools, strategies and practices taught in the course aid psychological resilience that can be applied to other areas of life such as your career.
Why should you join Flight School?

Learn how to get comfortable falling in climbing

Why learn to fall?
Falling is a physical skill that needs to be practised. So much of modern climbing is such that it is safe to fall. Fall practice helps us recover from the ingrained fear of falling and gives us the knowledge we need to know what happens when we fall and make informed risk decisions. Falling is innately scary and many climbers are held back because they can't climb near their limit because they are scared, or don't know how to fall. This is the case for both bouldering and lead climbing.
Would you like to climb with more confidence?
Confidence is easy to build when you have the tools, knowledge and strategies to do so. Many climbers think that they can train their bodies but that they can't train their minds. This is 100% not true, the brain is malleable and everyone is capable of being a more confident climber.
Why join an online course in fear of falling?
Working with a team of experts and coaches over the course of 6 weeks brings the support and accountability you need to make fall practice a fun habit rather than a reluctant one-off exercise. Flight School also takes you through all the necessary theory on how to unlearn fear and graduate your fall training. We also teach the tools you need to build self-awareness, without which it will always be easy to get the challenge level wrong with your fall practice. When people get the challenge level wrong they actually ingrain fear of falling rather than become more comfortable with it. We know that many people would rather work with us in person however this is not always practical or affordable for many people. Video feedback on your falls will make sure you stay on track over time.
Learn from the best
Our coaches are all trained coaches and have worked for many years in the space of psychology in climbing. Our founder and head coach Hazel Findlay has worked with over 1000 climbers to help them manage fear in climbing, access flow and get the most out of climbing.
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Over 47 lessons, live Q&As with our coaches and personalised feedback on your falls!
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Coach support
You won’t be left to get on with it on your own. In the Flight School community you can ask our coaches questions, get feedback on your falls, fall practice progression and get support and encouragement along the way.
Community support
The course comes with free access to a private area exclusively for our Flight School students where you can share wins, make connections and discuss chapter content with other students. We’ve found that being plugged into a community of like-minded climbers is a great way to stay accountable and motivated for your mental training journey.
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Common Questions

How will the course be taught?
Mostly through pre-recorded videos of Hazel and Angus speaking with some inspiring climbing imagery and visual aids. However, there is also the option to access audio files of the lesson so you can listen on the go. This is also a great idea if you want to refresh the information. You can also download the Kajabi app to do the whole course through your phone. We also have reflective questions, homework tasks and pdf downloads which are great for further depth and consolidation. In our student area of The Strong Mind Community you can ask the coaches and other students questions, share your wins and discuss the content in the chapters. You can also join our live Q&As for facetime with the coaches.
Do you guarantee that I will see results?
The changes that this course aims to initiate in you are all born from experience. You will not see results if you do not take what you’ve learnt in this course and practice it in the real world and continue with those practices. Results are very much dependent on this. However, we've created the course in a way that makes the tasks fun and approachable so if you're motivated there is no reason not to do them. All our past students who have applied themselves to the course have seen positive change. The students who really applied themselves have seen radical changes in their climbing and in many cases the rest of their lives. If you are not happy with the course in the first 7 days after purchase we'll give you a full refund!
Are the practices in the course dangerous or scary?
You are responsible for your own safety when carrying out any of the described practices in the course. If you do not understand how to make the practices safe, please do not do them or seek expert instruction. That said, the practices in the course are described and implemented in a way that maximises safety. People make dangerous mistakes in climbing because they do not have the procedures in place to slowly and incrementally add challenge in a way that avoids overload. When climbers push too far and do not have the skills to manage the stress they are more likely to make mistakes. Many of our students are surprised to discover that they are actually over-challenging themselves rather than under-challenging themselves psychologically and actually they need to reduce the challenge and build back up. In many cases, students find the practices in the course to be less scary than what they were doing before the course.
How much support will I get?
You can ask our coaches questions at any time through our new Student Area inside our exclusive Community. Usually, coaches will respond within 48 hours. You can ask Hazel a question directly and she will respond if you're keen to receive her advice. You can also join our live Q&As to ask questions. If you can't make it you can ask your questions ahead of time and watch the recording. The real benefit of being inside the Community is that you get to share experiences, share wins and interact with people who also want to build a strong mind. Many people feel isolated with their fear in climbing and the community alleviates this.
meet the team

Meet the Strong Mind team members you'll be working with

We're a small team, working across the UK and Europe. All Strong Mind coaches have diplomas in coaching.

Hazel Findlay

Founder and Head Coach

Angus Kille

Course Instructor and Coach
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