Focus, Find Flow And Perform at Your Best When It Matters Most

Leverage your psychology for climbing


Focus, Find Flow And Perform at Your Best When It Matters Most

Performance Hacks

This course is for you if:

You'd like your mind to be a gateway to performance instead of a barrier

You’d like to improve at climbing as effectively as possible

You'd like to be able to tap into high performance states when it matters most

What you learn in climbing is important in other areas of your life

You enjoy feeling really focused and in flow when you climb and you'd like to experience more of that

You want to be able to tap into states of high effort (try-hard) on demand

You’d like to get more out of climbing and enjoy climbing more

You’d like a stronger sense of mastery around climbing

You’d like more direction in your climbing

You love it when you finish a climb and feel on top of the world instead of just relieved

You'd like to enjoy the process of hard climbs more and not just the sends

Over 40 lessons in video, text and app-based learning

Watch video lessons or listen on the go with the Kajabi app. Refresh and solidify your learning with key information in text.

Evidence-based theory and practice

The course delivers enough theory so you understand why the practices work but also has a strong emphasis on application through the many homework tasks.

3 years access

You can do the course at your own pace and you get access to the course material for at least 3 years.

No prior knowledge needed

The course is appropriate for someone with no prior knowledge of mental training, fear or psychology.

Exclusive community

Get free access to a private student area of our community where you can chat with fellow students.

Transferable lifelong skills

The tools, strategies and practices taught in the course aid psychological resilience that can be applied to other areas of life, such as your career.
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6 chapters including everything you need to know to leverage your psychology in climbing

Over 40 video lessons, reflective questions, practices and hacks to unlock your climbing potential
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Chapter 1
  • Defining terms in sports psychology
  • Flow as an optimal state
  • How can you apply performance psychology to your climbing
  • Self-awareness
  • Getting started with mental training

Chapter 2
  • What is Mindset?
  • Mastery as your North star
  • How to take responsibility for creating your own climbing experience
  • Growth Mindset - how to prioritise learning over small wins
  • Positivity
  • Flow
Chapter 3
  • What are barriers to performance?
  • The most common barriers for climbers and practical hacks and practices to work with them.
  • Personal assessment

Chapter 4
  • What are gateways to performance?
  • The most common gateways for climbers and practical hacks and practices to maximize them.
  • Personal assessment

Chapter 5
  • How to train your attentional control
  • Tools to anchor when things start to unravel
  • Breathing exercises for managing stress and finding 'optimal arousal'
  • Visualisation tools
  • Gratitude exercises to increase positivity and alleviate anxiety
  • Notice - Distance - Shift, a tool for turning down the volume on negative self-talk and emotions and turning up focus for the task at hand
  • Notice and manage unhelpful thoughts with tools from CBT Connecting to the senses: how to be present when your mind wants to take you off into the past or future
  • Mantras for focus and letting go
  • Create your own climbing ritual

Chapter 6
  • Pre-performance and min-performance tools and rituals to help you in the moment
  • How to project efficiently in climbing
  • Create your own climbing ritual
  • How to integrate everything you have learned in your climbing



Online Student Community
- Access to an online community of fellow students - Like-minded climbers sharing tips and supporting each other - Discuss performance psychology topics - Share wins and progress - Connect with climbers around the world
Extended Access
3 years' access to the course and its content. Benefit from updated course content and new lessons. Use this course for your future projects and long-term progression. Remain a member of the Strong Mind mental training community through access to our open community
PDF Downloads
Download practice sheets to keep you on track with your performance practices. Smaller versions for you phone to check on-the-go or at the crag/gym. Checklists after to keep on track with essential steps.
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Common Questions

Do you guarantee that I will see results?
The changes that this course aims to initiate in you are all born from experience. You will not see results if you do not take what you’ve learnt in this course and practice it in the real world and continue with those practices. Results are very much dependent on this. However, we've created the course in a way that makes the tasks fun and approachable so if you're motivated there is no reason not to do them. All our past students who have applied themselves to the course have seen positive change. The students who really applied themselves have seen radical changes in their climbing and in many cases the rest of their lives. If you are not happy with the course in the first 7 days after purchase we'll give you a full refund!
How will the course be taught?
All the course content is structured in 6 chapters, with more than 40 video lessons, where Hazel will teach you everything you need to know about performance psychology, so you can implement what you learn and improve your climbing performance and experiences. The course is quite comprehensive regarding its content, so you can do it at your own pace and review the lessons as many times as you need. All the lessons have supporting text and practices to help you go through the content. There are homework tasks, reflective questions, case studies, PDF downloads with diagrams, practice sheets and climbing journal and extra resources - great for further depth and consolidation. You can also download the Kajabi app to do the whole course through your phone. In our student area of The Strong Mind Community you can ask questions, share your wins and discuss the content of the chapters with fellow Strong Mind students.
Is this for beginners or only advanced people?
This course is for anyone interested in finding focus (or flow) in climbing. This doesn’t mean it’s exclusively for ‘high-level’ climbers – it’s for climbers who enjoy performing at whatever grade they climb.
Can I apply this knowledge to other areas of my life?
Absolutely! For us, one of the real benefits of mental training is how relevant it is to broader life. Although the course focuses on climbing, the content is very much applicable to other sports and other areas of life – this could be your motivations for work, adjusting your mindset for other projects, how you focus when playing an instrument, setting goals for your year ahead or how you build confidence.
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