Free Taster Course

Learn how mental training works, why it's so important in climbing and what you have to gain from building a strong mind.

Free Taster Course

Ever been held back by your mind in climbing?

Would you be a stronger and a happier climber if you paid more attention to your psychology?

This taster course is great way to start your journey in mental training, for free. Learn how your climbing and your broader life can benefit from some attention to the psychological side of things in this short online course.

Our taster course has some essential first steps, our most useful mental training tip and sample lessons from the Strong Mind Course.

This course is free and open to absolutely everyone. You will also learn what to expect from our comprehensive course in fear management for climbing, the Strong Mind Course.

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I know I'll be returning to the content and still finding some new gems in it going forward. I've already seen how engaging different mind tools, habits, and deliberate fall practice has made the parts of climbing that were feeling intimidating or fear-producing fun again

Strong Mind Student, June 2022
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Thanks for such an amazing and life-changing course Hazel and Angus. My approach to climbing feels so different now that I am focusing on the journey of climbing with my growth mindset and learning more about myself every day. I appreciated that you have given us a wide variety of tools and methods to become more self-aware climbers that continue to learn how to get the challenge right in all aspects of the sport. A big thumbs up to your idea of growing community around the course and mental training by adding students once they have completed the course. Thanks for all your work making this a great experience.

Steven Lee, Mailchimp Inc
San Francisco
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