Jacquelyn Moore

Jacquelyn is one of our Course Instructors. She’s a trained coach who’s ready to advise and guide you on your journey with Strong Mind. Jackie’s love of climbing began in April 2000 with bouldering at The Gunks in upstate New York. She directed her academic studies towards climbing and the literature on extreme sports, sensation seeking and flow theory. After graduating in 2004, she climbed in the US, UK and Europe, finally settling down in Northern California in 2009. Here, she climbed in Yosemite, Tahoe and Bishop, while working at as a manager and instructor at Planet Granite, a climbing and fitness gym in San Francisco. Jackie completed foundational coursework in psychology with the aim of applying her knowledge to rock climbers, and is now based in Northern Ireland, working towards a certification in coaching, while enjoying climbing on the coastal cliffs and boulders of Fairhead.

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